Action Set - Prizefighter lyrics

he had a dream, but he had a life

he gave up the ring to have a wife

and he got a good job digging in a ditch

when it got deep enough, they pushed him in

"act your age!" they told him

and he fell right in line

you're old as you feel, they say

and so he up and died

and the gloves were hanging

alone in the basement

a lone rememberance of who he was before

he had a dream, but he'd rather die

hung from the ceiling by his tie

when she left, she took all that he'd had

gave him back the ring, made him see red

"settle down!" they told him

but he had other plans

none of them could hold him

his heart was in his hands

and his gloves felt like old shoes

that fit like they used to

a lone reminder

of who he always was

come out and play

come out and play, prizefighter


come out and play

mama's little prizefighter,

come on out and play

you've wasted your life away

get up before you're down

for the 1, 2, 3 count