Action Adventure World - Donkey Kong lyrics

Running up the stairs to the top of the room jumping over Barrels like a damn buffoon
Climbing ladders, doesn't matter how I get there fool
I got a fireball chasing after me too it's true
But there ain't no telling how far I'll go
I got a hammer and I'll slam er' like you just don't know
What you think I can't use it on that fireball bro
Nobodies messing with Mario

Kidnapping the princess is just plain wrong, I already said that in a couple of songs
I ain't about to get beaten but this maze is long
About to put the smack down on Donkey Kong
Take notes as I run up and grab the purse
I got an umbrella to bitch call the hertz
Because I snagged all the blocks on the way to the top
About to make Donkey Kong drop and fall in the rocks