Acrophet - Holy Spirit lyrics

Cursed by an animal form that brings the
Fear into your heart
Creatures of inquisition finish before
The start
Casting the political put-on of religion
And all devotion
Water of the holly remains the practiced
And where there is magic ther is
And where there is life there is
We resist the pack of the untamed evil
And deny the words of leviathan
Brought together as one word
We must flight to win our game
Guilty before the innocence
Conformity is what they claim
We ride under one true leader
The one that rules from A to Z
He guides us throught the steps we take
And gives us light to see
Free and roaming are the holy
Summon to bring us a message
The final day is coming near
Repent and look upon the dead
Close your eyes and see the gate
Facing the master in disguise
Have no fear and choose your path
No the holy one will arise