Acronychal Ritual - As The Angel Weeps lyrics

For years, I longed for you,
But now, I hate you,
My heart, you scarred,
And destroyed my soul.

Betrayed... forever...
I almost drowned,
In your dying tears,
The bleak night is upon me,
It will be my last,
Winter's cold embrace,
Reveals my tortured... past.

Fallen angel,
Descending from grace,
Withered beauty,
Bleeding eyes blinded,
By your radiance,
Which exists no more.

Enslaved... in torment,
Angst-ridden... and drained of hope,
Oh... won't you please take my life,
Take this pain away,
End it all... tonight,
As I fade away, in the winter snow.

As I take, my final breaths,
Suffocating, under Death's Veil, black,
Your voice calls... out to me,
Fading, as I pass away...