Acrania - Sea Of Infinite Answers lyrics

Music: Félix Carreón
Lyrics: Félix C. / J.C. Chávez

Centuries of dark and dust
Centuries that make us old
Always looking for wrong!
Always want more
Singing the song of fall
You'll realize that the answers
will never be found (x3)

Raise your head, learn to fly
Acquire wisdom, acquire sight (x2)
Understand the meaning of life


Dreams are the revelation
For all those who want to know

Like a frozen flower in the winter
We are lost in meanings of life
Frustation, the only pleasure
Walking through the ages in vain

When you listen to the silence
When you ask what is right
When you control your desires
Then you'll find the sea of...
...infinite answers!

---Solos: Luis O. / Félix C.---

Close your eyes. Free your mind (x3)
Close your eyes... Open the third eye!

Circles of pain and hate
Circles of stars and suns
Spirals of life and death
That were never meant to end

Great beautiful things, nothing of grief
You can't smell the shit. No! Not there!
Nothing is right, nothing is wrong
Everything is balanced, everything works
It's the perpetual human karma
A dead end with no return!


Take control. Of your thougths, of your dreams
Submerge in the sea of infinite answers

Life and death. Only two states of mind
Just rise and walk through the sea of light and dark

Tell me these two words
that make me drink and cry
And see the infinity of... Life