Aching Beauty - Sublimation lyrics

I. Peter Pan Syndrome

( instrumental )

II. Steps

Now I tend to a day dream
Define a place where I could merge in
Hide away, and never let steps in the sand
Sublimate all what is
To free myself from the grip of time
Start again
Wish a swelling wind

Refuse the new habits and behaviours
Obey the core of my will
Reshuffle around, even closer friends
Leave the undesired behind

Disclose my scars instead of hiding them
Regenerated by fresh light
After childhood and the loss of illusions
Segue into the third chapter

I'll sail upstream back to my birthplaces
Hills of the Rhône would be my horizons
Fall to my knees, hands in the mossy grass
Light a bonfire under the summer solstice sun

Assessing all things done
Repent for those which should not have been
Start a quest, for a better being
Evolution leading me
As if I were what I am to be
Live a self-made way of being me

III. Endlessly

Each time, forgetting each time
The harm I can have done
Keeping thinking of merging through
May I recover one day
The spring I once lived on
That endless wind beneath my wings

Each time, forgetting each time
The virtuous world I thought
I could live in and refer to
Try hard towards my last flight
Stretch my feathers once more
Reaching further the hope that you live

Dry heart, it may be our last fight,
We'll eventually become
Rich together of all what we've lived