Ace Hood - The Cypher 2 (2010)

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Ace Hood - The Cypher 2 lyrics

Part two! Ha-ha

Okay, no one on the corner have swagger like me
Because I'm so incredible, they not compatible to me
Used to hustle on the B, now I'm onto better things
Sitting closer to the ring, watch Mayweather swing
Nigga hold up, yeah I got my dough up
Thinking I'm the shit in the whip doing donuts
Yeah nigga sho nuff, put me in a jungle
Ball like a dog got them looking for a fumble
Cocky with the flow, more dough, still humble
Biting nigga's head in the middle of a scuffle
I ain't with the talking, tussle, homie get muscle
Fifteen shots in his leg and his upper
Body bag duffle, the wolves get a supper
Lord's my chef, but you roll with the leopards
Spot y'all fake in the dark of the shelter
Nigga I'm a tiger, rolling with the bears
My own, my where's Gunter with the heels?
Say you spent twenty on a watch? Who cares?!

Drop thirty more just to make a bitch stare
And added me the chain just to make her give brain
And all way high, but I'm going insane
Paid in full, only way to clear your name
And y'all know me, I ain't lying I'm fly
Twenty six inch on my rims and tires
Must be the shit, look at all these flies
Lord to the God, and I still pay ties
That's random, way too hot to handle
Catch me on a beach with my Louis V. sandals
Rocking me a chain, got to shine like a chandelier
I appear with them hoes by camera
Rolling with a bitch that's super thick up out Atlanta
Mister Do-It-Better-Than-You-Ever
While I'm sticking to the cheddar in a cashmere sweater
Looking fly as the propellers what you on
Tell them get they game up
Deuces up high, man I'm out for the change up
Nigga, nigga