Ace Hood - Ride For My City lyrics

[Chorus - Ace Hood]
I'ma ride for my city, grind for my city
Dare you to fuck with me, the 9 resides with me
I'm so 9 to 5 4, the heart of my city, the core of Broward
Aye where we at?!
Aye Lauderdale!
Aye where we at?!
Aye Pompano!
Aye where we at?!
Aye Deerfield the crib is my home
Aye where we at?!
Aye Lauderdale!
Aye where we at?!
Aye Pompano!
Aye where we at?!
Aye Deerfield is real and I know!

Goon city!

[Verse 1 - Broward County All-Stars]
I got a .9 in this '54
That means I got a license partner if you didn't know
It's a drought, oh you didn't know?
So he lying if he say he get it for the low
I make them other counties mad
When I drive fast in my Broward County tags
Brown money bag looking down on that ass
I got that Broward County swag
Kiss my Broward County ass

I represent that Broward shit daily
Dope like a spoon in the '80s
Bricks in the dashboard, all black Mercedes
Strapped like a baby in car seats
Three eighty on the car seat
Riding down Sunrise, work in the RV
Headed to the East where them zoes got that fungi
Fuck around let them choppers sing call it R 'n' beef
Broward County at the heart of me


[Verse 2 - Broward County All-Stars]
I do this shit for Broward so I'm speaking to the ra

I'm the hottest thing smoking, everything I spit is fire
My hood like my chain because I love it with a passion
The way I'm in the game you can call me Jerry Magnum
Hip-hop was dead so I took it out the casket
Thanks to Lauderdale now my money like Alaska
I spit it like Khaled, Lauderdale we the best
A.M.P. I'm the reason Broward County got respect

Pompano I represent the tiv
J Stylez, all about the Benjamins
A young stunner, hustle like none other
I produce 'cash flow', call me a Runner
Have you heard of me?
Nigga probably not
Because I been in the kitchen trying to get this work the lot
There's three grinders, smoking weed, and selling rocks
And I'ma rep Broward County till I'm in a box


[Verse 3 - Broward County All-Stars & Ace Hood]
Black flag swag, black Chevrolet
The whole county love me
Even those who ain't met me yet
Holler at me (incomprehensible) that's right I'll except a check
Bitch I am from Pompano, you'll never disrespect my 'jects
The .5 with me, and I will kill
Fuck with the goons from Hollywood up to Deerfield
A lot dead homie, Lauderdale live will, murder caps since '99
The pussies boy I'm still here

[Ace Hood]
I'm the king it is Broward County savior
Pot of brown on that crown, call that macadamia
Fuck around, chopper down, you are miscellaneous
Not a sound, blocker blow, trash bag pay me up
Walk into my stadium it's Broward County mania
Name me one, anybody hotter than this alien
If you buy uranium, fuck a hater bury him
Hottest nigga born, soak it in your cranium!