Ace Hood - Real Shit lyrics

Mister Hood

Real nigga shit, fuck niggas
Truth be told, I don't fuck with them
Money my concern
Hating is a germ
Say she never did, well she finna learn
I got plenty hoes, all of them dyke
Pick and choose nigga, all of them right
Never had shit, now my money burn
Ever made a mill'? Well you finna learn

[Verse 1]
Heard you niggas mad
Wish I'm doing bad
I just bought a Benz
Talking paper tags
Leave your girl around
I bet I'm fucking that
She coming with me
That's why you really mad
Get that ass into that Jeep
Bet all that she freaky
You must be crazy hoe
No money out of me
She give me pussy free
Proud to be fucking me
I slide that rubber on
Just know it's going deep
Beat that pussy down
Keep repeating sounds
I step on the mound
Knock that pussy out
That's just what I do
Bitch I'm on the loose
Coconuts a rock
Pineapple juice
Now that's coco low
I am no loco Joe
You niggas such a joke
See me I'm counting dough

That's all I fucking do, and all I fucking know
I hear them haters mad
One thing that you should know


[Verse 2]
So crank it up a notch
Booming out the box
Candy coated drop
Bouncing with my knots
Boy this nigga fly
Twenty six a tie
Broward County boy
Come and see me now
I might buy a house, with a fucking pool
Bring a bitch for fun
That's just what I do
Tell them bring the hate
I might buy a coupe
Now why you mad? Because I'm stunting and you never do
Get your money lame
I can show you things
Big shit nigga
Fifty carat rings
Holy molly flow
Catch the Holy Ghost
Mister Snatch-Them-All
Tell them it's time to go
Now that's some gutter shit
I'm on some other shit
Mister Hood boy
That's who you fucking with
So put your hate away
I'm about getting paid
And if he say he not
I bet that nigga gay