Ace Hood - King Of The Streets (feat. T-Pain) (Lyrics On Screen) lyrics (Chinese translation). | [Hook: T-Pain]
, They done trying to defeat me, stayed on my feet
, When they see me, they salute me...

Ace Hood - King Of The Streets (feat. T-Pain) (Lyrics On Screen) (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: [Hook: T-Pain]
ZH: [钩: T 疼痛]

EN: They done trying to defeat me, stayed on my feet
ZH: 他们做想打败我,留在我的脚

EN: When they see me, they salute me I'm the king of the streets yeah
ZH: 当他们看到我时,他们向我敬礼我是街头之王

EN: I got them walking like (left, right)
ZH: 我让他们走路喜欢 (左、 右)

EN: We the best, so we marching like
ZH: 我们最好的所以我们像行军

EN: They follow me
ZH: 他们跟着我

EN: [Verse 1: Ace Hood]
ZH: [诗歌 1: Ace 罩]

EN: Okay, it's blood sweat and tears, it'd be the realest shit I ever wrote
ZH: 好吧,它的血汗水和泪水,它将是的坨屎写过

EN: Never stop or giving up, the realest shit I ever quote
ZH: 从未停止或放弃坨屎过报价

EN: Look into my eyes and you can see I hustle 24
ZH: 看着我的眼睛,你可以看到我赶快 24

EN: 24, 24 hours grinding overdose
ZH: 24、 磨削过量的 24 小时

EN: Money running low, the studio rebirth an animal
ZH: 钱低、 运行工作室重生的动物

EN: People want that gutter back, that's just who I do it for
ZH: 人们想要回来,才是真正的我为做它那天沟

EN: Giving them that manure flow
ZH: 给他们的粪便流

EN: Having them know I'm trained to go
ZH: 让他们知道我接受的训练去

EN: Heard them niggas dropping meat so fuck them, here's a dick to blow
ZH: 听到那些黑鬼滴肉所以操他们这里吹的迪克

EN: Now I'm on the top of shit
ZH: 我现在是上大便

EN: Now they're showing sportsmanship
ZH: 现在他们放映的体育精神

EN: What it do and what it be, niggas on some other shit
ZH: 它做什么,它是什么,对其他一些该死的黑鬼

EN: Bitch, I'm on my own lane, only God judge me
ZH: 贱人,我在我自己的车道上,只有上帝才判断我

EN: All you rappers rapping is equivalent to rare meat
ZH: 你的说唱说唱等同于罕见肉

EN: And now you're on my lying shit, starving like a full feast
ZH: 现在你对我说谎的东西,像一个完整的盛宴饿死

EN: Pussy niggas count me out, man I love to in-convene
ZH: 猫鬼算我出来,我和爱人在召开

EN: Teddy P and Mr. Hood, you can call it history
ZH: 泰迪 P 和胡德先生,你可以叫它历史

EN: We the best and fuck 'em all, we winning like we're Charlie Sheen
ZH: 我们最好和操他们所有,我们赢得我们像是查理光泽

EN: [Hook: T-Pain]
ZH: [钩: T 疼痛]

EN: [Verse 2: Ace Hood]
ZH: [诗歌 2: Ace 罩]

EN: Well it's the highly underrated, album so anticipated
ZH: 这是高度被低估,专辑所以预期

EN: Mr. not intimidated by you suckers perpetratin'
ZH: 先生不怕你一毛 perpetratin'

EN: I've been waitin', yeah boy, I've been waitin'
ZH: 我一直在等,是男孩,一直在等

EN: Heavy, humble and patient, but still embedded with greatness
ZH: 重、 谦卑和耐心,但仍然嵌入与伟大

EN: I'm a motherfucking problem, y'all still in pajamas
ZH: 我是一个操蛋的问题,你们仍然穿着睡衣

EN: Sleeping on the hotness while I'm out here chasing commas
ZH: 虽然我不在这里追逐逗号颠倒的时候睡觉

EN: Put that on my mama, I'mma give them hell while they're locked up in a cell
ZH: 把我妈妈,我来让他们下地狱虽然他们被关在一个单元格

EN: We the best is gon' prevail
ZH: 我们最好是尼泊尔政府 ' 为准

EN: Don't believe in see and fail
ZH: 不要相信在看到和失败

EN: I'm conceited, you can tell
ZH: 我太自负了,你可以告诉

EN: Look the devil in the eye, say, "I'm hotter than your Hell"
ZH: 看着魔鬼的眼睛,说,"我比你的地狱热"

EN: And I'm rocking with my chest out, head high, hello to the bad guy
ZH: 与我胸脯头高,你好的坏家伙,害我用

EN: Bitch it's my time, see the diamonds in the watch now
ZH: 婊子就是我的时间,现在看到钻石在手表

EN: Don't want any handouts, fuck you niggas talking 'bout?
ZH: 不想要任何讲义,去你妈的黑鬼在说 ' 怎么样吗?

EN: See me, you salute me like a motherfucking drill scout
ZH: 见到我,你敬礼我喜欢他妈的钻童军

EN: Stunting on you niggas watch the Beamer when it pull out
ZH: 你发育迟缓黑鬼看着投影机,当它拔出

EN: Come and see me when you travel south
ZH: 过来看看我南旅行时

EN: [Hook: T-Pain]
ZH: [钩: T 疼痛]