Absurd Minds - Mallona (Broken Planet) lyrics

... weil diese Erdenmenschen noch nicht gelernt haben, Frieden zu halten.
Weder mit sich selbst, mit seinesgleichen oder mit dem All.

As a signal of warning - a fire in space,
A warning for your doing - this anihilated place.
It`s up to you, it`s up to your race
If you don`t suffer this doom like the planet in space.
You have to learn and you have to fight.
Remember at last - everything has its price.
Here you`ve got your will, it says, and you`ve got a choice,
You`ve got the liberty to choose. Don`t forget to use it.

In my empire I saw a fire.
Next thousands of fragments rotated around,
Moons left their orbit and strayed in the starry ocean.
Suddenly there was no life anymore.
Mallona - a fire I´ve seen.
Flames licked high. You know what I mean.
It happens there, where you can choose
- good or evil, live or lose.
Only there, where you can choose
- good or evil, live or lose.

We`re living in the nuclear age,
Misusing an uncontrolable force.
Look at the sky, then look into yourself.
The traces speak a shocking language.
The swarm of asteroids a a monument of transience.
Result of unblessed human hands, - dead cosmic things.