Absolution Project - Regretting It All lyrics

We should have known before
What we were fighting for, but now it’s come to this
But today it seems what’s been taken from me is
What I need most

There should’ve been more than this
Something we must have missed
Or did we miss it all
There’s got to be more to life
I must reclaim what’s mine
Or I’ll regret it all

We should have known by now
But we won’t figure out, exactly what we did
Why can’t I seem to find
What I have kept inside, why can’t I fight through this
But today it seems there’s a tragedy and that
I’ll bleed the most

Regretting it all...
I’m regretting it all

All I’ve done, and all I’ve seen are all the things still missing from me
Although I try, despite how it seems, I still can’t be whole