Absidia (Ger) - Blood Has Been Shed lyrics

The earth turns her inside out to destroy what she created. Mankind the incarnation of perfection, shaped by gods almighty hands, now seizes the ground, exploits mother nature to gain a brick of coal, a block of wood, a piece of gold.
But is it worth to pay a price higher than a billion dollars for just a lifetime of luxury? Are one hundred years of wind, rain and fire less valuable than a wooden floor?
The boundary line is crossed, it was a small step for a men, but a huge step for mankind. The blood of a mother has been shed by her own children, the ground is soaked with blood, the retaliation of innocence: a storm for each fallen tree, a flood for each polluted sea, a famine for each wasted grain.

Modern man has evaded his responsibility of taking care of the world he is living in. He used the provided sources of the nature without taking in account that they won't last forever. He wasted this irretrievable treasures for living in affluence. There is no doubt that this can't go on forever! We have to change our attitude towards the world we are living in, to respect the entrusted environment and try to live in unison with this planet. Otherwise the already happening revenge of the exploited earth will lead to a cruel end for mankind