Above All - Unborn Kingdom lyrics

Conflict runs our blood cold
As our kingdom
Crumbles around us the birthright
To vastation
Is tearing my life, blood, drain,
Filter, burning,
Our souls this death remains

New man into this world stillborn
With hunger
For power draining, resources
Bleeding us, dry, why,
Must, you take, life, away, in order,
To fuel your lies.

Your lies, your fucking lies
Your lies, your fucking lies

Stolen forever as souls burn in
The wasteland
Strangled Eden the tears of a
World once proclaimed

You take, you take away.
You steal forever, you take away.

Life, blood, drained, setting our
Souls aflame
In the wasteland of a kingdom that
Wasn’t meant
To be this way. Torn bleeding dry,
This hunger for
Power draining. Why must you take
Life away.
This kingdom remains unborn