Abortus (Aus) - Seperatism lyrics


Society is burning, yearning at my blood
Digging deep wounds, it's time to move on.
It's me against them until they exist no more

Seperatism, Seperatism

No-one thought will turn this around
They're pushing their law
My steps now losing ground
Discipline by fear, they're pushing on
Zero respect now gets me by
(Repeat verse)

Seperatism, Seperatism

These insane thoughts enter my soul
Now I'm God-less, I'm left posessed
(Repeat the above 3 more times)
Godless, I'm left posessed

Seperatism, Seperatism

I'll burn this truth straight
through your eyes
Now look from the grave straight up,
you'll see the sky. Nothing left here to say
This is my time to show them all

Their programming comes to an end
My unforgiveable time of sorrow
Focussed, now losing control
Fuck all their rules, fuck all their systems


Laughing as they bleed
Innocence lies as my victim
Spreading harsh truth
Losing my mind. This is my time to fly