Aborted - Organic Puzzle lyrics

Free my hate....

Aching need to carve up women, I'll rape their souls
Spastic gestures as I retract the saw...

Spectral indoctrination of a superior mind,
Well thought emaciation of the human kind...

Worthless pile of crud, the stench of internal spunk
My knee deep in you menstrual blood, relentless sight of gore.

I Penetrate your mind, your thoughts, pathetic being.
I eliminate your flesh, I am your god...
Vomit type puss errupts from her pit
Pittoresque sculpture of bile degraded to road ornaments.

I'll rape their hearts & souls, as for a drug I scream for more.

I penetrate your flesh, unbound by laws, I Severe your soul.
I humiliate & defile, your skin, You'll beg for more.
I split your intestines, you're a body bag fill to me
Insane sexist bastard, my first in your... Ass...