Abomination - Tortured To Death lyrics

You eat your own hair, I pull your teeth off. Beg for your life, I know you will die. Slowly you start to see the sky. This is the way it feels to die.

I show the knife, she starts to cry. It feels so good to see your blood. Burning your skin, I rape you again. Blood is inside it's going to come out.

Tortured to death x8

I see you bleed, I see you cry, I see you die, this is my paradise. I tie you up and break your bones, this is the way I want it to be.

Breaking your spine, cutting your tongue, you will be found, crucified. Because of this I'm going to hell, but I don't mind 'caz you will die. Laughing to your corpse. Making your way back home. Having it done. Killing you like a dog.

I, torture, you, to death.

You suffer and I laugh. I cut your ears, you eat them. I hit the knife inside you. No one can hear you here. Welcome to my paradise. I'm a normal guy who likes to torture.

I look in to your eyes, soon you will die. I know this is right, I cum when you die. She's tied to the ground, naked and raped. Bleeding to death,
tortured to death.

Tortured to death x8

She fucked me up, now it's my turn, to make you say who is your God. Pray all you want, save your soul, I twist the knife inside… You!