Abnormity - Fallen In Eternal Dislove lyrics

I´m crying in the darkest corner
envying those who was in love
cause in their hearts sometime was the light
while in my soul I saw The Eternal Night.

Searching in my Depth
I only find Misfortune´s mute lament
and my Lonely Soul who has began
The Last Trip to peace and forgetfulness.

I´m waiting.
I´m empty.
And She´s skinless.

Tonight I dreamt that I loved her and she loved me,
and then i wasn´t afraid... But it only was a dream.
Teardrunk I try to moor to hope
but I know that I never met her. Cruel destiny.

I open my withered arms and I surrender to Her.
She´s the only one who always desired me.
Only She, skinless, know my agony.
And She comes... And I wait... So empty