Abnormity - Deaf Eyes lyrics

.:Strophe 1:.
I fell down - Was so high
To the ground - From the sky
Prayed to god, but was alone
With my lot - Too far gone

See my hands
they're all tied
spilled with blood
i will guide

I see you suffer

.:Strophe 2:.
You're up there
I'm here down
Lying broken
on the ground

Tell me what - would you do
if you'd see no dream turns true?

Crawl with me after you fell
then you'll see we live in hell
I see you suffer

.:Strophe 3:.
Take me, put me to your right
Let me feel Peace inside
There ain't answers to the questions i have
Oh, I know your eyes are deaf!

Don't want to see
Don't want to hear
Because you fear
Instead - of - to be!!

Sit up there - on your dirty throne
On your head - is a dirty crown
Feel like king, but you're the fool
Don't know a thing, but think you're (so fucking bad ass fucking) cool