Ablaze - Psychopath lyrics

Music by: Burt, Frank, Jean, Martin
Lyrics by: Damien

Uncaring people don't deny
He's comin' behind you
And he's walkin' high
Death in mind and all he want's to find
Is a lonely victim just waitin' to die

When he shows
He will knows
It's a game he will play
When you die
You will find
Torture endless pain

Mindless mortals
Better not deny it
There's a danger walkin'
And he's gonna make you pay with life
Evil mind set to kill

Watch the man
Walkin' cross the street
Look behind and scream... Psycopath

Dead you lie
Smellin' the blood makes me fine
Seein' the corpses don't make me cry
Burnin' the bodies will come in time
There's a psycho in me
And i just don't wanna try to be free