Abismo Eterno - Un Recuerdo Triste Y Una Promesa lyrics

Morir en un lecho hiriente soledad,
sombra de una vida ingenuidad,
constante agonía mi promesa sigue en ti.
Llorar, musa que me dio la inspiración,
trágica perfidia, agotar todo sentimiento,
mi recuerdo triste será.

I will arise, your soul is mine, mi filth will live in your heart;
eternal lust, embrace the sun, the nails are bleeding in your woumb.

Here's my blood, betraying your your love,
stalking undeadly with tears falling droop to droop,
and this fire it's burning inside,
the preseasures memory tearing you apart,
¡apart!, like a fucking animal,
condemned you to the end of time.

I did believe in you at the last
the fake shows up and the darkness covered me,
sadness, cry;
over my arms, can't support my dying faith
and my soul can't never rest
without your warm, without your love