Aberfeldy - Mean Ol Misery lyrics

It's a mean old misery
Mean old mister misery came calling
Told me what I didn't want to hear
Told me girl that you were busy fallin
In love with someone else it would appear

I swear I never had it in for you love
I don't know what was going through my head
I never once before betrayed a true love
Now all I know is part of me is dead
You were the sun in my sky
The deed is done
You said goodbye
And I sit at home and cry

If I'd never laid my eyes upon you
I'd never have known the sweetness I would miss
Hate the way these things
They always haunt you
Like memories of summer of the kiss
You know I swear
My love is true
You better do
What you gotta do
But I won't get over you

It's a mean old misery
The way it all went wrong
Is somehow hazy
I don't believe my heart will ever mend
Already love I'm missing you like crazy
Mean old misery's my only friend
You must know, I love you dear
And when you go, I disappear
I'll be wishing you were here