Abby Ahmad - Stone lyrics

I always could feel the vacancy
When I traced your soul with my memory
Made you out to be someone
That you never could be

And now I'm facing the aftermath
Of a full-blown heart attack
There lies no refuge
In recovery

I just want a love
To call my own
But everything I touch
Just turns to stone
The more I love
The more I feel alone

You might say that I'm jaded
I'll admit that I'm faded
Worn out
Worn down
A transparency

But you have also
Been stripped to the bone
Exposing flaws and faults of your own
You're a crack in the landscape
A deficiency

I cannot be your muse
I will not be your foe
Cause there’s a safety in the act of
Letting go
There's nothing left to gain
When there's no room to grow

Take back your city lights
Take back the April rain
Who knew the mess you left
Would leave such a stain?
I loved you all this time
To find you loved me
In vain

So I guess there's one thing
Left to do
Got to tear my eyes
From the rearview
And wave goodbye to you