Abby Ahmad - In Favor Of Braver Parts lyrics

Too much space
Inside this weight
When will I regenerate?
Silly stones
Broke my bones
How long does it take?

You and me
Had symmetry
Division has me shaky
I am stunned
Coming undone
How long must I wait?

In all that we’d been through
I bent my foot
To fit the shoe
When all along, I always knew
Always knew

I will not spend another day
Keeping myself hidden away
I’ve been burned
But I have learned
To choose a different play

I'll cast aside
My driest tongue
My heavy heart
And iron lungs
In favor of braver parts
Organs primed for a new start

In all that we’d been through
I’d twist my arm
To see things through

And now that I am free from you
It’s time to see what grew…