Abby Ahmad - Habit lyrics

I’ve got a nasty habit
It’s one of twenty-five to be exact
And I keep trying to quit you
But you just keep on coming back
(Well, look at that)

And I’ve got this little rabbit
I’ve got all sorts of tricks in my hat
And if you stay just a little bit longer
You might just become part of my act
(Imagine that)

I want you when I’m hungry
But I crave you when I’m full
You’re two chocolate bars and a cigarette
Away from being lethal
Want you to make me feel dirty
Want you to make me feel clean
Can you make me feel anything
For the times in between?
Cause I’ve got a sweet tooth for agony
A recipe for misery
Can you feed my addiction, please?

Think I might take up heavy drinking
I’ll become the epicenter for all forms of abuse
And when they ask what drove me to this
You can be my example
You can be my excuse

You know, lately I’ve been thinking
That I should put these hands to good use
Gather up my demons and tie ‘em real pretty
Next time you come around just cut ‘em loose

I use your body as the palette for my songs
From your head to your toes to everything in between
It’s not your fault that you’re an art form
That you’re an addict’s poison
And a poet’s wet dream

But Mommy said to exercise my self-control
Brush up on my manners
If you know what I mean
But it always fails
I’m a whore to temptation
Dip my hands in the sugar bowl
And always lick my fingers clean

I am a child of chaos
I’ve built my home in the heart of discourse
I come alive in our tangled web of silence
I am rebirthed through this twisted intercourse

So you’re my newest habit
Guess that makes it twenty-six
I’m a junkie for your touch
And I’m needing a fix

Guess I never understood
Guess I never learned
That when you fuck with fire
Babe, you’re bound to get burned