Abby Ahmad - Enter Pale lyrics

I want to empower you
I want to devour you
Only took me about an hour to
Fade into you

I want to explore you
I want to destroy you
I silently implore you to
Give me my life back

And the years boil down like water
As I strive to be the flawless daughter
So slowly kill me with the words you say
Beat me down
Until I fade away

Your eyes were like water
Frozen by the cold
Your mouth was an ocean
And it swallowed me whole

My breath has been captured
Now my body you demand
You're too quick to ask questions
Too cruel to understand

Your kiss is like a razor
Vicious and unkind
Strange how it can mean everything
And nothing at the same time

So I pray to my god
I pray for me
I pray for you
And your little atrocities

If I never wake up
Please, don't tell me what I've missed
Obsession's hit me where it hurts
Like a drug, like a fist

The way you penetrate my conscience
You're the air I breathe
You're my epidemic, baby
You are my disease

And the planetary orbit
Of your body as it circles me
These crystal-clear obscurities
I just want some sanity

I feel like death resurrected
I am honorably rejected
There's a little piece of me reflected
Inside of you

And this fever just keeps getting hotter
Cause "The girl forgets everything we've taught her"
I stole from you now, baby
Make me pay
Beat me down…

C'mon and beat me down
Then tell me to stay
Help me to heal this slow decay
Linger in my mouth
Make me melt away, then
Beat me down…
We're all gonna fade away