Aarophat - Panic! (2013)

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Aarophat - Panic! lyrics

[Intro Cuts: Chinch 33]

[Verse 1: Aarophat]
Yo supreme silverback king of the pack
It’s hank Aarophat swinging the bat connect crack
Bust your face being on your basics you get attacked
By the high caliber kick algebra like a mac
Piling up the caskets to the asbestos
Try and test us the last of the best laughing at death’s wishes
I’m blowing back death kisses at death’s mistress
I got plenty of misfits that bless biscuits
Restless element regiment general private
Recognize it you know we got the live shit
Leave you lying in a pit of knives if you’re wise
Organize somebody your own size to collide with
You not colossal you’re shit to me in comparison
There you’re done like two empty clips and a pair of guns
Sun you’re just one in the whole galaxy
Trying to be as wild as the definition of terror
Young-in’s blaspheming a hundred lashes in the cement
My bones break away at the stone born with the wrath of demons
Nosferatu no need in scheming
You know I got you eternally boss brass gleaming
Aaro the god don’t ever test my testicles
End up a vegetable or scatter your ashes from here to Mexico
The epic flow is one of a kind listen for a wonderful time
And learn about the grind of a legend yo
It’s Youngstown style homicide trial central
Slums found down every aisle without essentials
You won't survive here it takes an ill nigga to thrive
While other niggas die twice without the mentals

[Hook: Aarophat]
You got to be a made man if you transcend
Done it so many times bet I can again
Show my symmetry in a rhyme hand me the pen
And everything shut down start panicking

[Verse 2: Aarophat]
We soul supremacy controlling energy
And got some class about it show you how to hold your hennessey
And at most seven moves how to fold your enemy
Bully foot the scene infiltrating with the infantry
Bending trees like a cyclone or typhoon
When I groom the storm your platoon will be gone before morning
You see just what I do on iTunes by high noon insight doom
When the night looms without warning
We ninjas in a fashion past your property line
Timberland assassins thoughts pop like a nine
Invisible in a mask on that belly shit
I’ll have my shorty dropping in from behind to sever your spine
Sharp machete stick in my shoulder holster behold the roller coaster
Flow thrill hands up and hold still as if you're frozen
Cold as Nova Scotia the doja got me posted over standing
When I inhale it's like a loaded cannon
Exhale and I release the pestilence and famine
I’m a shaman in the streets representing for the fam and
Yo the hunger never ceases with the thesis you bandaging
Your brain case cause of the mayhem I’m managing
You’re hemorrhaging bleeding to death
I been around and am the nigga to be the one left come the end
Comprehend the pyramids and you begin to understand
How the blood in my plan never stains on the sand
Hit the lane like Wainwright pitching pictures in big design
I visit scriptures that extend my hit list
I do my thing to the finish line I’m Tommy Smith
Signing black power salute we got here in the nick of time niggas

[Outro Cuts: Chinch 33]