ASAP Twelvyy - Glock Rivers (2014)

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ASAP Twelvyy - Glock Rivers lyrics

See, I used to go to 43 and my naughty teacher act accordingly
We trippin' off loyalty, a breath from royalty
Just savages and casualties, they bring it all to me
Dead and mold, there's more for me
I walk the streets, I talk the beats, the story never change
I saw that Eddie Kane with Sugar Hill and Heavy Ray
I'm soakin' out, hopin' poppy open heaven gates
Extra flowers servin' up, hope to get it straight
And hold ? now my name gettin' bigger
Use to be that lil nigga, and my name Glock Rivers
Yeah, 2 tours told me that, nigga come down for a while
But I put it back, nigga

Got my back against the wall
Got my back against the wall
Got my back against the wall

[Verse 2]
I was over looked, damn I'm leavin' records ova cooked
Check the calender I'm over booked
I got that Sosa look, it's that dope that got Sosa booked
Hit the Dinotech, remind me where the diamonds at
Sippin' cognac with Diamond Tell
Meet him leanin' in the Pontiac
Grindin' with insomniacs
Catch some helas where the finest at
We the finest in the block, betta cop(?) up where yo county at
Man the county where the city, man, we counter that
Count the stack and drop a Tech, I love the sound of that
I love the green life, grindin' till my team rise
Check the vicin' niggas lookin' right, they ain't seen right
I'm headin' forward, I don't need the baggage
Need a passport? Believe in magic
Matter fact, I can see the passengers
Yung Lore helped me see it passing
Now my niggas livin' street laughts

Got my back against the wall
Got my back against the wall
Got my back against the wall

When they tryna hold a nigga down
I don't even want the crown
Just want to chill, stack the mill
Stack a pill and get my niggas out the hell
Where the shit is all real
Erryday a nigga gettin' killed
Where you're life gettin' spilled
If ya comin' out right, it be the same consequence
I heard you into all that, you too thrill, muthafucka!