ASAP Ant - The Way It Go (In Connecticut) (Live) (2013)

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ASAP Ant - The Way It Go (In Connecticut) (Live) lyrics

[Verse 1:]
Coke and white bitches know how that goes
For the white hoes in the front rows
Sipping on tuss like moving slow
Look at my dick, that's all the hoes
Toke on the weed, that's hella dro
Six four, my fo' do'
Head tilt, my waist low
Love my music, she love my flow
Caked up that's lots of dough
More shows, more bank rolls
More ones ass to her pole
Tip her good, drive ass low
Real nigga to the gum sole
You talk shit, get body hoes
Two, two, to the big nose
Snot nose throw it in my cup
Marino, we draped down
Drug hoes, still coked up
Triple beam with the pots and pans
Benz outside big sedan
Bigger body, be the five fifty
Drop top, no titties
Parking lot pimpin got them hoes with me
Parking lot pimpin got them hoes with me
Tour of town, shut the cities down
Left your hoes, at the shows
Another day of my life now
Another day of my life, now
Getting money till my time flows
Ice watch no tick-tock
One look, you'll get shots
Make you wet till your blood stops

[Verse 2:]
Ridin' around in that space ship
.44 pound grip
[?] with bandwith, with the money I [?]
Flip a pound like a camel bitch!
Helicopters for my bricks
In the air [?] the bar I'm sipping, bitch!
[?] gun breaks, South flick, fancy clothes, bad bitch
Fuck with me [?]
That's how fast a car go
[?] figure, run run run around
Every day I gotta ball, never fall 'till the casket drop
Watch the paint drip, I just took yo bitch you're all sad and shit
Switch the Caddy up to the big Benz
Spin that last shit again