ANTHM - Double Excel (2013)

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ANTHM - Double Excel lyrics

[Verse 1: ANTHM]

Time to separate the platinum from the bronze
Back dropping bombs
Preoccupied by the wackness trapped up in your songs
Lifts the blinds up
Ponzi scheme niggas get your rhymes up
It’s your holiday, I’m here to sponsor your Kwanzaa
Like Esparanza with the bass and the jazz
Prodigy who’s methodically been raising the flags
I’m not a freshman, nigga check my grades in this class
Battle me, better off facing Jason Mraz
Snakes in the grass, start a war reading the Art Of War
Carnivore, devour the bouncer that’s trying to guard the door
Your style fathered by Tha Carter 4, mine’s like Tha Carter 2
I’m Not A Human Being, and that ain’t hard to prove
Far from Young Money, fuck it owe money
Asking Mack Maine can I battle Wayne for his show money?
Until I grab fame and I ask Dame how to grow money
Rocafella chain my pockets ain’t trying to blow money
Reinvest every dollar trying to follow plan
A Watch The Throne album with ‘Pac’s hologram
Leaving a space for his words, the idea was gangsta at first
Fuck why did I pay for this verse
Get my refund, puffin my chest without a weak lung
Hypebeasts gassing that mic piece that you speak from
I slave hard while y’all be raising the same bar
From the graveyard I’ll body Elliott’s Radar
I strong arm it, I put the front of my palm on it
Leave a print of my fingerprint, I belong on it
But they say its just the luck of the draw so fuck it all
If they swinging I ain’t ducking at all
For Pete’s sake, tell Rosenberg that my feet ache
Carrying weed plates,, mixtapes, fuck your release dates
Eat them like Big Meech steaks, Rick Ross knows
They hustle backwards nigga, Kris Kross clothes
A 90s artifact, borderline had a heart attack
Rappers act like Stan just for a Starter cap
Jocking bloggers for a post, what part is that?
I’d rather tear my cartilage then play the part of the bitch
But if Kendrick went platinum then there’s hope
Provoking these wack rappers I’m dragging them by the throat
I’m broker than backpackers but packing my bag’s a joke
When I’m doper than mad rappers, grab that for a quote
Put it on my tombstone if I die in a year
Then play this for XXL then supply them a beer
Pour it out, if I live, then fuck a dyin career
I’m biased but this science, the moment that I am here, it's clear
It’s bad news when I spat truth, fear is nonexistent
Like the statues resurrected for Papoose
Déjà vu, reflecting on the braids y’all grew
Give me that stage I’ll Klay Slay y’all, too


And by the way the name is ANTHM
The type of emcee that never stops advancing
Quick to hold your motherfucking microphone for ransom