ALL CAPS - Real Or Not Real (Acoustic) lyrics

Chorus: Is this real
Or is this not real?
I can't tell
How I'm supposed to feel.
They say I'll heal,
That I'll learn how to deal,
But I can't handle
All of this.

When I'm with you
I want to kill you.
Peeta stop
They've really messed you up!
I have this memory
That I loved you.
Oh, but you really did.

But how I can trust
When I'm so confused?
Peeta believe me
I'm right here for you.


I know I act tough
But inside I'm really scared.
I only get by
Thinking of the nights we shared.
It's really selfish
But I know I'm gonna need you,
So help me win this
And I promise we'll pull through.


I have this memory
That I loved you.