A Tribe Called Quest - Jazz (We've Got) (Re-Recording) (The Love Movement Album) (1998)

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A Tribe Called Quest - Jazz (We've Got) (Re-Recording) (The Love Movement Album) lyrics

[Intro: Q-Tip]
Whoo! Ha ha ha ha ha, grand groove, grand groove (2X)

Rough, rough, rugged
Tough like a nugget
Listen to the Abstract Poetic, don't snub it
The Midnight Marauder is the hype beat arranger
Don't front on my lyrics or the two cos it's danger
Hook you like a junkie, you'll flip like a monkey
To the openness of the rhythm, so proceed because I'm funky
I get down, down like a fly hooker's panties
Make you catch a spirit and motivate a fanny
I be the fly poet, rappers they get jelly
Upset when I rock, cos yo they rhymes is smelly
See I got it going on like a Forbes tax return
Listening to these lyrics when it's hot will make you burn
Baby burn, baby burn, up into the heavens
The skies up above, the one you think of
Is the highly regarded, hell of a people
Your mic and my mic? Come on, yo, no equal
So if you wanna do it to yourself
That is to mess around with the jazz, then just blame yourself
Cos you made your bed, so now you lay in it
That's your (shit) on the floor, then go and play in it
I refuse to catch a 'L' in a battle
Cos yo I got the jazz and I'll whup a rapper's (ass)
Into little next to nothing, test me if I'm fronting
I'm passing flying colors cos yo I am that brother that will rock

[Hook: Q-Tip]
Who got the jazz? We got the jazz (Repeat x8)

No need for introductions cos you know who I be
(The Phife Dawg) Yep, the one who loves to slaughter MC's
I got style, grace and razamatazz
And like my girl Patrice Rushen, yo, I add pizazz
Now most people remember Phife from the Phife like smoothness
But now it's time to hit you with the roughneck rudeness
I'm still vexed, fuming, gots to come raw
The first punk who tries to flex, I'll be cracking your jaw
I'll mold you, fold you, roll you up like a spliff
Don't ever try fe test or else that (ass) will get whipped
I'm forever popping junk, its like a fat invite
To any MC who wants to flex, yo we can do this tonight
Gel up my posse up on Linden and 1-9-2
Call up my brothers from Sayers Ave, the Brooklyn Zoo
All my crew up in Strong Island, so yo don't sleep
Cos it only takes a peek to watch that (ass) get beat
Brothers wanna play rough, but they can all get some
Wanna be hero, but you're a zero, that means you gets none
Don't ever try to step to a kid you can't get with
Why mess with a brother that your girl once slept with?
I'm a negro, he's a negro, wanna be a negro too?
But beating on a girl, is something that a puss would do
I love jazz, but that doesn't mean that I'm timid
Not really a gangster rapper but I can swing it for a minute

Who got the jazz? We got the jazz (Repeat x8)