A Suburban Blood Drive - Is There A Gun In Your Pocket Or Are You Happy To See Me? lyrics

Is there a gun in your pocket or are you happy to see me?
This town needs an enema a couple of fresh-faced fools to turn it upside down so just take this ticket and meet at the cinema and keep your fucking mouth shut,
if you know what's good for your kids so turn your ears to the am radio hear the sirens,
they scream the civil defense we build the bombs but the bombs don't build security we're going tear this town down with our own bare hands we've got the right to know (you better bet we know) we'll walk around,
we'll walk around this town like anarchists in a three piece suit anarchists in a three piece suit and now were under your control do you love your god? do you trust the cops?
do you understand the process?
i don't are you afraid of the dark?
do you love the cops?
don't you love the progress i don't,
i don't this is town needs another politician like i need a hole in the head we've got a sniper at every loose checkpoint and a metal chip encased in our skulls cause they've got the right to know
(you better bet they know)