A Promise Worth Dying For - Anatomy Of A Teenage Girl lyrics

(knife fight knife fight fight)

I watched a star
Fall from the skies in her eyes
She cuts to scar
Under her sheets of white lies
She killed the ghost of adam
Now she will pay like judas
I swear she will stop breathing
When my heart stops beating

Shame rides on your
Back like bed sores

Yhis is where I say goodbye (goodbye to you)
Ball it up into a fist
I'm done with this
I taste him on your breath

knife fight

Whores don't breathe
They bleed on the sleeve
Of their god
Holding on by
Their vicious claws

Take your pills and drink yourself
Til you are someone else
Now take off your clothes
Cause everybody knows
That you are nothing but a whore
Who use to be so much more
Now say goodbye baby I'm walking
Right out that door