A Plea For Purging - "Living The Dream" lyrics

Five years long I've been running these open roads with no place to call home. Run away from everything you've ever known with no place to call home. I have no place to call my home. Gain a friend, then I lose a friend. It doesn't matter cause tomorrow it'll happen again. I'm losing touch with everyone at home. It's really hard when you're born to roam. Oh how I hate the line, "outta sight, outta mind." I'm on the search for the greenest grass that I will never find. I've run and run. I've drove and drove three hundred thousand miles of lonely roads to see the ones I love at home move on and on without me. I'm just a memory. Is this the life I chose? Have I chosen poorly or has it chosen me? Will it let me go now? With action comes reaction. We're all a slave to something. Dreams aren't meant to be lonely. Will you answer me? Is this heaven or hell? Is this "living the dream" or is it a living nightmare?