A New January - Shape Your Tongue lyrics

Tongue twisted angels run the lost soul slot machine
(Everything but me)
Consummate every memory, swollen hopeful dream
(Tears apart at the seam)
Forever gone, it doesn't matter how hard I cling
(Why won't you believe?)
Misunderstand the whole time, you know exactly what I mean

Go all the way
Your hips beat down so loud and clear...
You move me
Oil base, it penetrates
I blur your definition
Inside you know it's all about to break through

Shape your tongue...
Shape your tongue to fit the phrase

Without a sound we pull into an empty part of town
Remove the words we know that caused
The strain of screaming girls' hair spray
Cherry flavored lips complete and maybe done

Point the guns and slide down 'til you hurt
Slip the patch away, leak the promised words
Absolute truth makes you withdraw
Straight desire, beauty is the perfect flaw