A Masterpiece Of Failure - Fallen From Broken Wings lyrics

Can enough tears be shed?
To drown out this image my head
Of you in all your radiance
Dancing to the tune of lust
Mistaken for love
It seemed like
You always knew the right way to move
And the best words to say
To torment my mind
And cause my heart to bow down to you
In all my agony you still looked like a rose in full bloom
You were still color to these blind eyes
I'm just lost in this line of thousands
Walking on to meet eyes with the one we lost
Who was never there for us
Depression takes hold
And sends me right off a cliff
Hand in hand with you
I'm falling
You're next to me ascending down
I knew you were an angel
But I thought it was too good to be true
Send me back to from where I came
On the ground, fallen from these broken wings
Adoring you