A Martinez - Ellen lyrics

I read the mail tonight
Your letter blew my mind
Miracle again
Ellen will be home come Christmas Day
You thought you'd lost her
You thought your little girl would fade away
Ellen says an angel told her to stay
After all your practice at sayin' goodbye
She pulled back from the sky

And I got to jump for joy tonight as I run up these stairs
I'm gonna wake my baby with this news of Thanksgiving
We get down on our knees to honor - a courage so rare
Grateful that Ellen is living

I feel so foolish
That I've been feelin' down
Forgetting again
Nobody has nothin' but now
It's always somethin'
It's like I don't know how to get along with blessings
Always somethin' pressing down on my mind
Now I think about the clear light in Ellen's eyes
And the way time moves within us:
It flies
And brother

I got to jump for joy tonight 'cause I been readin' your letter
I'm gonna hold the lesson I have learned from your daughter
If and when may be good to you but here and now are better
She's livin' like the angels have taught her

It's been done, the doctors say
All that science can do
Ellen smiles and lets her mind go in a dream
She's a rider on a stream passin' through

Yes I got to jump for joy tonight 'cause I remember what is true
I'm gonna greet the sun as if each day were Thanksgiving
And I get down on my knees believin' I'm finally comin' to
Grateful again to be living
Ellen I'm grateful again
Just to be alive