A Legend Falls - A Separation Of Sentiments lyrics

Isn't it all just a little overwhelming? Accept my hand. Let me guide you. Accept my guidance. Let me defile you. Lead you. Consume you. Break you. Complete you. Just to remain. This entrance into my caring arms will leave you wanting nothing and end life in reverie which will not cease your strength to wither, intentions to fade, leaving you with my bond. I will nurture your ambition to be someone and I will nurture your imagination. Just not enough to keep it alive. Still too much to have wasted your time but not enough to stray from the tedium that starts the heart bleeding and keeps us from crossing the line. The line lies beyond. This whisper: officious. Condone my malevolence. You set your bounds on everyone to ease your pain. I can't take your tales. Your lie breaks my volition leaving me empty now. And now your lonely and so I enter into your mind again for delusions of grandeur but I won't stop. I'm not under your onus. Isn't it all just a little overwhelming? It all comes down to this. A separation of sentiments and in choosing a path for myself it's better to have failed because I'm not living your lie. The footsteps of your lie. You lied