A.J. Croce - I'll Know lyrics

I'll Know
Written by A.J. Croce
© 2006 Croce Publishing (ASCAP)
When you want me
When you need me
When you finally believe me
I'll know it's right

When I hold you
When I please you
When you won't let me release you
I'll know it's right

You never know what you can live without
Until you di and then there is no doubt

In the evening
And when I rise
When I look into your eyes
I know it's right
Once Again
Written by A.J. Croce
2006 Croce Publishing (ASCAP)
Won't you take me back
I can't live without you by my side
If there's something that I lack
I can change what ever you decide

Once again I find that I can't sleep
Once again I want what I can't keep
Won't you please slow down I'm a step behind
You were out of sight but not out of mind
Have I stepped across an invisible line
If you don't want to speak then just give me a sign
Remember how you treated me back when
Won't you do it once again

Like the train that jumped the rail
Or the ship that's lost at sea
I was so afraid to fail
Not to bring you back to me

It won't take long to know
If you should go or stay
Time is moving slow
Minutes taking hours and hours taking days