A. F. I. - File 13 lyrics

I sleep until there is no light.
I'm wide awake all through the night.
Dinner may suck but I'll take a bite, I do whatever I can.
My muscles stiffen through the day.
Discomfort never goes away.
I feel like a garbage can

Throw me away, I've got no use.
Throw me away, I'm nothing to lose
Throw me away, I feel like shit.
I am useless.

I know I know nothing at all.
I'd take stand, but I know I'd fall.
I'd run head-down into a wall and watch my blood run faster.
Girls laugh and pass me on the street.
I spook out everyone I meet.
I've got pink toenails on my feet, I'm such a fucking master.
I never seem to feel well.
I always seem to look like hell.
It seems like everyone can tell my mind is going numb.
My mom thinks I wear women's clothes.
I get dogged on at all the shows.
It seems that everybody knows I look like a fucking bum.