A.F.C. - Allbequirky lyrics


If you’re near me then you’re second hand high
Blazing and baking no time for French fries
We get so high we’re above the satellites
Making our way until the time Is right
I try to drive but the car seems to slip away
Into the shoulder of the other way lane
But it’s all worth it for that del taco crunch
Blazing with red burritos add sour creams a must
I’m so hungry I have cannibalistic thoughts
My bros arm looks good for lunch
But I’ll try to wait until we get there
Hands out the window I’m so scared
What if there’s a long line when we get there
I guess we’ll be prepared
We finally get there and the lines really short
Only two cars in the del taco port
We reach in our pockets and see what’s inside
together we only got $1.99
That’s not enough for all of us to eat
4 stoned people and hungry to feed
Suddenly a thought comes to mind
We pull out our gats from the trunks inside
We kick open the doors with our gats drawn
Demand the money and that soon we we’re gone
Back to the car with 75 bucks
Now we go thru the drive thru for lunch
They’re taking forever and I’m getting impatient
Red and blue are now shining on the pavement
I’m starting to trip and I hyperventilate
As they pull us out of the car we wonder if our burritos we’re ever made
So now I’m spending 5 years in prison
My cellmate says he’s got some long division