A Dead God... - Eternal Gloom lyrics

Leave me to be alone in these deeper depths of Hell,
My Hell of pain and despair
Everything is lost, I can't seem to find the past.
I wish a death upon myself.
No connection to the world but to the tree above:
It waves to me with the wind.
Shouting to the heavens, I curse your name in vein:
"Where are you now to save a helpless soul?!"

Crying in the night and overwhelmed by your hatred
Can't find the reason why you punish me: insanity!
I lived a simple life of purely purity,
Thus you take away my life and give me nothingness!
A man who is too feeble to merely hang himself,
Stuck here on the freezing ground: "Oh so cold, oh so cold!"
"I want to die, please let me die!"
With no answer, he lives eternal gloom

Why cant you leave
Me to die now?