A Crying Shame - Mr. Potatohead lyrics

Life can be hollow,
And full of stress,
Thats why I need you,
To make me my best.

You put me together, Like a Mr. Potatohead!
When I'm down, you turn me around,
And I'm there remembering everything you've said.

When I'm sick and tired, and I feel like I can't run the race,
You pick me up and dust me off,
And you let me know that I'll be safe!

I said, you put me together like a 'tatohead,
When I'm down, I go check out what the Bible says,
'Cause there's no one else who can reach my soul.
No one else that can make me whole.
You are the Holy one, divine indeed.
When I'm down I seek you,
And my sould you feed.

I can't do anything right,
That's why I need you to teach me how to live my life!