A.C.T - Wake Up lyrics

All these weird folks that I am seeing
Walking through here like zombie beings
Always doing the weirdest kind of things

Kicking buttons with doctor martins
Doing love acts even with cousins
Can't they see what damage
They are causing me?

I can see them all conspiring
Telling each other lies
They can't see me

Search your heart and forgive their souls
Whatever the cost might be?
You know it's all a matter of sympathy
But you don't have to take them
Every dawn brings a brand new day
And slowly works its way to dusk
Will they ever manage
to improve themselves?"

All these weird things that I am seeing
Glad I'm not like a human being.
Losing temper and problems with pms

Landlord's lying to all of his clients
Right back at him they're scheming bad things
Ted is honest,
A fool who just can't see the truth



As I see all these social occasions
Wonder can it be me who's envious.
Are these humans with so capricious minds?

Seems like love is an awesome feeling
Hey don't know seems like rotten pudding
Oh this madness,
Is too much for me to bear