6 Tre G - Fresh (2009)

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6 Tre G - Fresh lyrics

(Fresh dressed)
6 Tre
(Fresh dressed, freshed dressed like a million bucks)

See I was lookin feelin' like a million bucks cause I was...
(Fresh dressed)
See I was in that club I had the tool on tucked, but I was...
(Fresh dressed)
I tip on scene, too clean. Fresh to death in the earth tone this scheme.
Face on the shirt, partner the mug on mean. CoCo paint, the same thing on the jeans.No you ain't seen a gangster that clean. 'Fit so sick, the 'fit need vaccine. Round my britches big diamondback rattler. CoCo fitted the "A" stands for Alabama. First of the month I'm like a cunt on a cycle, come up short I'll jump 'em off like Michael. Hit them bricks and I'm a stalk like Michael, flip them chips I cut you off like Michael.
(Fresh dressed)
Versace frames on beam. Big boy chain with the 30 gram piece. Charcol-leather, new era with the stocking. Dope boy Z's has got six back pockets. I rock J's I got the custom made Ostrich, black cat jeans they hit me 4 the 800. Ain't no thing we keep it crackin' all day. we cop u-haul trucks, we trappin' all day. When I hit that mall, I act pitiful. Y'all like that cuzz 6 tre goin' digital. Metro-park copped' Don Ed Hardy, popped two bars and throw a rock star party. I was lookin, feelin, like a million bucks, I was on that kush and dog it had me stuck. Lil mama look like Trina, plus she's thick as fuck. Plus I'm on that velvety I think I tried my luck.
(Fresh dressed)
See I'ma hit that north. Black T. Black thirteen with the crown holder jeans. Mark Buchanan black leather with the panther, flex fit baseball the "B" stand for "Bama" I'm off the chain and is. . . My block frames show them things how I live. Rock them doses, rock Prada, rock Gucci, I can rock that pink cause I'm trill like Boosie! Brand new coogie done gone and hit that block. Blue joker group got that on top. Got the jeans and the jacket got the hat and top. Got my gal' looking for the shoes and the socks. Pimp!
(Fresh dressed)