6 Fifty Per Shoe - My Name Is Danny Glover lyrics

Do you really think you know me?-know me well enough to tell me to be what i should-so maybe you could show me what I'm supposed to be-because you know me better than I ever thought you could-You bitch about the things I do and say-like it includes you-our friendship's gone so far away-I never wanted to-you think you know how I should dress and act-so judgemental, you may as will just kick your own ass-before someone else does it for you!-You think that you're so damn cool-but you're just obnoxious-you make an ass out of yourself-why don't you just ignore us?-You think you know how my band should sound-but while I'm succeeding I hope your running into the ground-just like we all know you will do-trying to say what I am-you can't define me-I really don't give a damn-I know, you're above me-I forgot that you're too cool now-But did you forget that being popular is lame?