50 Cent - Ok, You're Right lyrics (Chinese translation). | Intro:
, Ok ok ok
, Ok ok ok *screwed*
, Ok ok ok
, Ok ok ok *screwed*
, Hook:
, When they talk...
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50 Cent - Ok, You're Right (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: Intro:
ZH: 简介:

EN: Ok ok ok
ZH: 确定 ok 确定

EN: Ok ok ok *screwed*
ZH: 好了 * 拧 *

EN: Ok ok ok
ZH: 确定 ok 确定

EN: Ok ok ok *screwed*
ZH: 好了 * 拧 *

EN: Hook:
ZH: 钩:

EN: When they talk about me, they say I be tripping
ZH: 当他们谈论我时,他们会说我会跳闸

EN: What they say about doesn't make me mad
ZH: 他们说的不会让我发疯

EN: I think they hating 'cause they see me when i'm rolling
ZH: 我认为他们恨因为他们见到我时我自己

EN: Man, I can't help it that they really doing bad
ZH: 老兄,我不能帮助它,他们真的做不好

EN: Ok, alright (they sick)
ZH: 好了,好了 (他们生病)

EN: Ok, you're right (i'm rich)
ZH: 好的你说得对 (很有钱)

EN: Ok, alright (i grind)
ZH: 好了,好了 (磨)

EN: Ok, you're right (for mine)
ZH: 好的你说得对 (矿用)

EN: Verse 1:
ZH: 第 1 节:

EN: I'm in that 760 leaning when i'm stunting
ZH: 我在那 760 倾斜的当我发育迟缓

EN: I blow 50 gs, I mean with ease like this is nothing
ZH: 我吹 50 gs,我是什么都不说像这样轻松

EN: Please don't interrupt me when i'm talking to my jeweler
ZH: 请不要打扰我的时候我说话我的珠宝商

EN: He's putting them diamonds all over my Franck Muller
ZH: 他把他们都我 Franck Muller 钻石

EN: Me, I get busy, I put that work in if it's worth it
ZH: 我忙,我把那如果它值得在工作

EN: Come through, hit you up, i'll make a crime scene perfect
ZH: 来,打你了,我会让犯罪现场完美

EN: Niggas talk about me all the time behind my back
ZH: 黑鬼谈论我背着我的所有时间

EN: They don't talk about me in my face because i'm strapped
ZH: 他们不谈我在我的脸因为我绑

EN: See me in the club, I got that henny and that yak
ZH: 看到我在俱乐部、 明白母鸡和那牦牛

EN: A couple cups of that and I just don't know how to act
ZH: 这和我的几个杯子只是不知道如何采取行动

EN: By the second bottle, that's when I just get to buzzing
ZH: 由第二瓶,这是当我刚到嗡嗡声

EN: I say I run new york and ain't nobody saying nothing
ZH: 我说我跑纽约并不没人说什么

EN: Verse 2:
ZH: 第 2 节:

EN: I blew a hundred gs on my bitches in miami
ZH: 我在我的娘在迈阿密上吹了一百个 gs

EN: They think i'm the sweetest thing invented since candy
ZH: 他们认为我是发明了糖果起最甜蜜的事

EN: Me, I catch amnesia when you ask me bout the shotty
ZH: 我,我抓到失忆症当你问我怎么样短枪

EN: I don't even know my name, switching my lanes in my bugatti
ZH: 我甚至不知道我的名字,在我的布加迪中切换我行车线

EN: Nigga, I ain't crazy, bitches like me 'cause i'm paid
ZH: 黑鬼,我不是疯了,这些婊子像我一样因为我收了钱

EN: They want me, Lebron, Kobe, or Dwyane Wade
ZH: 他们想要我、 勒布朗、 神户或韦德

EN: When I say i'm balling, i'm not talking 'bout a ball
ZH: 当我说我在跳舞呢,我不说 ' bout 球

EN: I'm talking about Tiffany & Co. stones out the mall
ZH: 我说的蒂凡尼 & 有限公司石头移开商场

EN: Niggas, they can hate all they want but they know they like this
ZH: 黑鬼,他们可以恨所有他们想要但他们知道他们像这样

EN: Me, i'm like that painting on the wall, baby, i'm priceless
ZH: 我,我就像画在墙上,宝宝,我是无价

EN: You can come and work me over baby on the night shift
ZH: 你可以来和我在上夜班的宝宝上工作

EN: Catch me on the night shift, see how freaky I get
ZH: 抓到我上夜班,请参阅如何疯狂

EN: Outro:
ZH: 尾发挥:

EN: Ok ok ok ok
ZH: 确定 ok 确定确定

EN: Sho ya right
ZH: Sho 啊

EN: Ok ok ok ok
ZH: 确定 ok 确定确定

EN: Ya know ya right
ZH: 你知道雅右

EN: Ok alright ok alright
ZH: 确定好了好了好了

EN: Ok alright ok you're right
ZH: 好吧好吧好吧你说得对