50 Cent - I'll Still Kill (feat. Akon) lyrics (Chinese translation). | [Chorus (Akon):]
, Don't even look at me wrong when I come through the 'hood
, Ain't nothin'...
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50 Cent - I'll Still Kill (feat. Akon) (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: [Chorus (Akon):]
ZH: [合唱 (文怡):]

EN: Don't even look at me wrong when I come through the 'hood
ZH: 通过 'hood 的时候不要连看看我错了

EN: Ain't nothin' changed, still holla at my homies (oh)
ZH: 没有什么改变,还是真的苦 (哦)

EN: And when I hit the block I still, will kill!
ZH: 和我命中仍会杀死的块时 !

EN: And I don't want, nigga but I will if I got to, kill!
ZH: 我不想,爱,但会如果我一到,杀了 !

EN: If niggas get to fuckin' around
ZH: 如果去他妈的的黑鬼

EN: [Verse 1: 50 Cent]
ZH: [诗歌 1:50 %]

EN: Yeah!
ZH: 是的 !

EN: Respect come from admiration or fear
ZH: 来自羡慕或恐惧的尊重

EN: You can admire me or you can catch one in your wig
ZH: 你可以欣赏到我或你可以抓到一条你假发

EN: You see the Testarossa, the toasters right on my lap
ZH: 你看到 Testarossa,右在腿上烤

EN: So if a nigga get outta line, a nigga get clapped
ZH: 所以如果你得到线,爱得到掌声

EN: I got an arsenal of infiltry, I'm built for this mentally
ZH: 我有阿森纳 infiltry,我我建造这个弱智

EN: That's why I'm the general, I do what they pretend to do
ZH: 这就是为什么我一般,我做他们假装要做

EN: Front on me now nigga I will be the end of you
ZH: 前面我最爱你的最终会了。

EN: Forget your enemies and think of what your friends'll do
ZH: 忘记你的敌人,认为你的朋友们会做些什么

EN: I drop a bag off, then let a mag off
ZH: 删除掉,一袋,然后让 mag 下车

EN: The Hecklar Koch should tear half of your ass off
ZH: Hecklar Koch 应撕下你的屁股的一半

EN: I'm not for the games, I'm not for all the playin'
ZH: 我不是游戏,我不停的所有改变的

EN: The hollow tips rain, when I unleash the pain
ZH: 空心提示下雨,当我释放出疼痛

EN: Get the message from my lines or get the message from the .9's
ZH: 从我行获取消息或从.9 获取消息

EN: Paint a picture with words, you can see when I shine
ZH: 一幅画用的词,你可以看到我照耀时

EN: Put my back on the wall nigga, watch me go for mine
ZH: 把我的背上墙爱,看着我去矿山

EN: I let 21 shots off at the same time, yeah!
ZH: 我让 21 算关闭在相同的时间,是的 !

EN: [Chorus (Akon)]
ZH: [合唱 (文怡)]

EN: [Verse 2: 50 Cent]
ZH: [诗歌 2:50 %]

EN: Yeah!
ZH: 是的 !

EN: Where I'm from death is always in the air homie
ZH: 我从死亡的位置始终处于空气狂乱的心

EN: Nanna love me so you know she say my prayers for me
ZH: 天爱我所以你知道她对我来说说我的祈祷

EN: I come creepin' through the hood wearin' Teflon
ZH: 我来通过罩身穿铁氟龙 creepin'

EN: Hit the corners motherfuckers get left on
ZH: 打击这些混蛋获得左侧的角

EN: Niggas know if not they better check my background
ZH: 你知道,如果不是他们更好地检查我背景

EN: Try and stick me, I'll fill your back with mac rounds
ZH: 尝试和粘我,就会充满 mac 轮的你的背

EN: Ask Preme nigga 50 don't back down
ZH: 问 Preme 著 50 不能倒下

EN: I kick it funky like fiends in a crack house
ZH: 我把它像魔鬼一样时髦踢在裂缝的房子

EN: Cross the line boy I'm gonna air your ass out
ZH: 跨线男孩我要去空气你出的屁股

EN: Screw your face at me, I wanna know what thats 'bout
ZH: 在我拧你的脸,想要知道什么是 ' 一轮

EN: Nigga I know you ain't mad, I done came up
ZH: 爱我知道你不是疯了,我做了

EN: And if you are, fuck you 'cause I ain't changed up
ZH: 如果你是,操你因为我没变

EN: The O.G's wanna talk but I don't know these niggas
ZH: O.G 要谈,但我不知道这些黑鬼

EN: And I ain't did no business with 'em, I don't owe these niggas
ZH: 我不是做的没有业务往来扑克、 我不欠这些黑鬼

EN: A minute of my time, get it 'cause I grind
ZH: 一分钟,我的时间,得到它因为我磨

EN: All across the globe like the worlds mine
ZH: 在世界各地都喜欢世界矿

EN: Yeah!
ZH: 是的 !

EN: [Chorus (Akon)]
ZH: [合唱 (文怡)]

EN: [Verse 3: Akon]
ZH: [诗歌 3: 文怡]

EN: Konvict!
ZH: Konvict!

EN: Now tell me have you ever looked up in the distance
ZH: 现在告诉我,你曾经看过在距离

EN: And seen a mac aimin' at your head man
ZH: 看到 mac aimin' 在你头的男人

EN: Before you know it, life is flashin', reminiscing and your body is drippin' and full of lead man
ZH: 你知道它之前,生命是 flashin',回忆,你的身体是 drippin' 和完整的铅男子

EN: I done been there (uh huh),
ZH: 我做过那里 (呃呵呵),

EN: I done cocked that (uh huh),
ZH: 我做翘起的 (呃呵呵),

EN: It ain't ever been a question about that
ZH: 它不是过有关的问题

EN: Don't go there, you'll get cocked at, and if you plan to fuck around and rewrite that
ZH: 不去那里,你就会得到翘起,并且如果您计划操和重写

EN: You'll never catch me ridin' around on these streets, without a couple meta pieces under my feet
ZH: 你永远不会抓住我周围这些街道,在我脚下的一对夫妇元件无车海里

EN: Fully automatic weapons and know it was done deeds
ZH: 完全自动武器,知道它做事迹

EN: Smash up under the carpet like a Tennessee breeze, but 50 don't make me ride on these niggas
ZH: 粉碎了像田纳西微风,但 50 地毯下别让我骑上这些黑鬼

EN: (Hey)
ZH: (嗨)

EN: 'cause I will kill, dip and hide on these niggas, 50 don't make me ride on these niggas
ZH: 因为我会杀死、 浸泡和隐藏这些黑鬼,50 别让我骑上这些黑鬼

EN: 'cause I been long gone like the ripper, so..
ZH: 因为我喜欢开膛手,远去了所以 … …

EN: [Chorus (Akon)]
ZH: [合唱 (文怡)]