3rd Bass - Word To The Third lyrics

In the heat of the night I step swift
Jettin' to the spot that got the most gift
A who to do sittin' in my drum loop
Pistol loaded and I'm ready to shoot

See my gun is my tongue and it runs like a track star
Not much happening but I got a fast car
E-X double vex and we're strong like sex
Cut the corner hit the next left

Reside to the west side a hole in the ground
Not paradise but a nice boomin' sound
Party packed with nuff heads
Some black, some white some hood and some dreads

Surround the club with the dub that swayed 'em
The remixed version of 'Steppin to the A.M.'
Played the club like a crumb to the curb
And this kid greased my palm and said word to the third

You can flip my lip I throw joints out
Out the box, I stop some for some doubt
Took you out last album I was steppin'
Now you're clickin' on my gold disc and flippin'

On the third fly is fingers and Kev swab
Seven signs on the walls your your head bobs
Mouths will move to this you ain't through with this
This ain't a suicide, so why'd you grip your wrist?

I take a listen to the lyrics I formed up
Slidin' in the green hornet as I warm it up
'Cause the third is like a lyric dispenser
For hire like Spencer but my trigger fingers tenser

My sixth sense getting loopy as a Soloflex
Turn to soupy and ask which duck is next
Hookin' phrases clauses nouns and verbs
Steppin' off set it off it's word to the third

P E T E and me now step to the back
Tracks are stacked the party dumb packed
The sweat off my brow is glistening
And in the dance hall not one kid missing

A step while the non step don't step
They chill on the side or reside to the left
A mack daddy makin' a move smooth
Whisper sweet nothings or something to soothe

The savage beast at least get the number to the residence
While you flash mad presidents
Crazy grants a few Jacksons
Grip got traction to show that your maxin'

But she ain't down with the bum rush
And she better pick up moves off a lint brush
So you got played word to Herb
Don't slip money grip, it's called word to the third

As you move and you're following the Serch-lite
Writing music up and fixin' up the mix right
Some tight on the pockets and the being
I see 'em jettin' from the 3 and deep fleein'

Keyin' up like a master lock picker
Figure that I stop 'cause I'm out quicker
Not Mr. Rogers, I'm rollin' with Mr. hood
Menace and doom not a friendly neighborhood

As a crew it ain't only me myself
Just the third knocking fiction off the shelf
Make your moves on 33 1/3
Daddy Rich cuttin' records of spoken words

Rollin' up like this 'cause I'm pissed
You Serch what's the word, oh yeah there it is
Or is it just a figure of speech Herb
3rd Bass puts in place the word of the third